Defense Medical Exams Demystified

Jackson’s Legal Nursing Group’s (JLNG) Legal Nurse Consultants empower our clients by ensuring a smooth, stress-free Defense Medical Exam (DME)/ Compulsory Medical Examination (CME) experience. Their presence not only provides peace of mind but also maximizes efficiency. By attending the DME, our Legal Nurse Consultants become a valuable extension of the legal team, allowing the attorney to focus on other aspects of the client's case. This coordinated approach ensures that the client's interests are effectively protected throughout the DME process.

Here is a breakdown of the services our clients can expect from a JLNG nurse attending a defense medical exam:

Pre- DME Phone Call

We schedule a phone call with the patient to explain the DME process and then attend the DME with the patient.


During the exam, JLNG will ensure adherence to the attorney's objection letter to protect the patient’s case.


Each exam is recorded (if the court allows) for the client so that every exam detail is accounted for and available to the attorney.


Following your exam, the nurse will prepare a comprehensive patient summary within 72 hours. This summary will include the nurse's professional observations and insights as a medical professional, providing valuable information to help your case.

Fact Witness

If necessary, the JLNG legal nurse consultants who attended the DME can be available to act as fact witnesses for the case.

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