Jackson’s Legal Nursing Group and JBA

Posted on June 8th, 2024

Jackson's Legal Nursing Group (JLNG), a trailblazing legal nurse consulting business, is dedicated to providing comprehensive healthcare expertise to the legal community. Our unique services, including Medical Record Analysis, Expert Witness services, and our Nurse observers for Defense Medical Examinations, set us apart. While we operate nationally, we are keen to collaborate with local legal organizations in Jacksonville to foster growth and collaboration with nurses.

With due diligence, we have chosen to sponsor a well-established local law association, the JBA (Jacksonville Bar Association), which we have supported since the beginning of 2024.

What is the JBA?

Established in 1897, the Jacksonville Bar Association (JBA) is a professional organization serving the legal community of Jacksonville, Florida. With a core mission to promote collaboration and support among its members, the JBA actively works to enhance law practice and uphold the legal profession.

The JBA fosters a forum for lawyers to connect, share knowledge, and engage in activities that promote professionalism, ethics, and community service. Through various initiatives, it encourages positive relationships between judges and lawyers and camaraderie among members. Ultimately, the JBA strives to ensure its members uphold the highest ideals of the legal profession, both within the courtroom and in the broader community.

Friends of JBA

JLNG is proud to align with the JBA, a key player in fostering a robust legal community. Their commitment to collegiality, justice, and the legal profession mirrors our values. As a sponsor, we are excited to contribute to their mission. This partnership opens up a wealth of resources from the JBA, empowering us to serve the legal community better.

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