The Drive Behind the Hustle: What Makes Henry Tick?

posted on June 30th, 2024

The Fundamentals

After years of bedside work, Henry June III felt a growing desire to explore opportunities outside the hospital. By 2022, he actively researched ways for licensed nurses to excel and advocate for their patient's injuries and medical malpractice in the community. He sought a path that would allow a balanced family life while helping healthcare professionals navigate the legal aspects of care.

Henry's journey began with a class on Legal Nurse Consulting practice. Then, under the mentorship of an experienced personal injury Legal Nurse Consultant in Jacksonville, FL, he learned to summarize medical records and write chronologies, laying the foundation for his future work. He further expanded his skills by attending a defense medical examination course and gaining firsthand experience as a subcontractor. This role taught him how to observe and document exams and when and how to intervene to protect clients and cases.

Breaking down the Name

Choosing a name for the business was a thoughtful process. Henry wanted a name that represented more than just himself. He settled on Jackson’s Legal Nursing Group (JLNG)—'Jackson' to honor Jacksonville, the city where the business was founded, and 'Legal Nursing Group' to reflect a team of dedicated nurse professionals assisting attorneys across Florida. This name encapsulates their mission: JLNG nurses not only document exams but also care for clients and safeguard their interests throughout the state. Their services include medical record reviews, DME observation, and expert witness services.

Behind the Curtain

JLNG's mission is to treat every client like family. That means providing exceptional service from the first phone call to receiving your final report. Whether it's booking a legal nurse consultant to attend a compulsory medical exam (CME)/ defense medical exam (DME), you can expect clear communication and prompt attention. Henry takes pride in his Client-focused, Listening, Informed, Neutral, and Always Available approach. He strives to always answer the phone, but if he misses your call, you can be sure he'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Is the Playing Field Level?

Ensure a fair DME with a Nurse Observer by your side.

A Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) can be your secret weapon! We'll:

  • Save you time by attending your CME/DME with your client and summarizing the examination.
  • Reduce your workload so you can focus on building your case strategy.
  • Strengthen your defense with our willingness to be expert fact witnesses.

Experience the difference from start to finish. Our exceptional customer care ensures a smooth process, from scheduling your consultation to receiving clear, concise summaries.

Call us today! Experience the difference with “Expert Eyes on Your Side."

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