DME Observation Service

Jackson's Legal Nursing Group: Your Trusted Partner for DME Oversight

Facing an Independent Medical Examination (DME)? Don't enter the room alone. Jackson's Legal Nursing Group provides experienced registered nurses to observe your DME and ensure a fair and accurate evaluation.

Here's how we serve you:

Independent Observation: Our impartial LNCs witness the entire DME, documenting patient interactions, tests performed, and overall conduct.

Detailed Reports: We provide comprehensive reports comparing your experience with the DME doctor's findings, highlighting any discrepancies.

Expert Analysis: Our LNCs, with their deep medical knowledge, can analyze the DME techniques used and their potential impact on the results.

Trial Testimony (if needed): In cases of significant discrepancies, your LNC can provide expert testimony in court, safeguarding your legal position.

Benefits for Both Sides:

Defense Attorneys: Gain assurance of a genuine examination and accurate representation of the patient's condition.

Plaintiff Attorneys: Ensure your client's medical issues are fully considered and accurately reflected in the DME report.

We attend Orthopedic, Neurology, Neuropsychology, Plastic surgery, Optometry and Dental Exams.


Don't leave your Examination to chance. Contact Jackson's Legal Nursing Group today for a confidential DME observation consultation.

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